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Key to Handle Scandal & Character Assassination

OUCH!! Nothing can be more painful than barb wires of defamation and assassination of your character. Lies, slander, gossip and being judged by people that know absolutely nothing about you accept the scandalous words of your attackers that can affect the best of us. Especially when the attacks come from those you have trusted and allowed near to your heart.

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Jesus was VERY controversial. He was radical, bold and straight forward when dealing with his enemies, most of whom were "RELIGIOUS" people. Isn't that much to ponder? However, nothing or no one could stop Jesus in his purpose. He was a force to be reckoned with. Why? Jesus KNEW WHO HE WAS!

Do you believe what your enemies have to say about you? If the answer is no, let it go! And just in case you may have done some of what they say you did, you must take it to God in prayer, leave it there and receive God's forgiveness, because there is none righteous, not one!!! Make no mistake about it. Your enemies and character assassins have sinned too!! Don't allow them to get into your head. They have sin, shortcomings and character flaws, and you know they got some skeleton's in them closets too!!

When you are scandalized, the real you MUST come forth in God. If God is really for you, and you know that He is, you must rest in that fact when you are being talked about, lied on, ostracized, criticized and scandalized. Walk in the midst of your enemies with your back straight, your head held high, and fix your mind on this fact, I KNOW who I am!!! You will NOT break my spirit! You will NOT make me doubt who I KNOW that I am and strive to be. You are not my God! I will not bow to your oppressive tactics to take my joy and peace! Hey! I am a God Warrior! I will not be moved! I am a survivor! I am an overcomer!! WHOOOO! I'm getting excited!!!! I am God's Property!! I am a child of God! You MUST encourage yourself, just as King David did.

The greatest enemy you will fight during times of scandal will be with yourself.

Our propensity is to defend ourselves, but you know what my Friend, it is wasted energy, however, it is essential to know this, the more upset and depressed we become in times of scandal, the more God allows us to understand just how much we really love ourselves. Pride comes in many hues. When their is excessive and inappropriate love for self, you will be totally afflicted by others criticisms. You cannot get over it. You are so enthralled with yourself. It is here that God allows affliction from our enemies to correct our prideful tendencies. To know this is to find rest.

Jesus endured much criticism, assassination of his character, betrayal, ridicule, but He stayed on course. My friend, stay on course! Endure it! You can take it! Keep forgiving. Keep talking to God and whatever you do, examine your heart to see how you can grow from the scorn of your enemies.

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